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3D Rendering Services For Your Next Building Project

3D Rendering Services For Your Next Building Project

By on Nov 29, 2016 in Building |

84a85f5a038d4f066fc9f911fa16f3b1Whether an architect, home builder or a customer, 3D rendering is super useful. For a customer, knowing how their office or house will look like matters, for an architect, knowing how what they designed looks like makes a big difference. Not necessarily, in terms of an architect seeing what it looks like, but so that their customer can see. And that matters. Below we will explain the 3d rendering process.


Customers are looking for an office, or a home that will fit their needs, drawings aren’t enough to show that. 3D graphics are easier to understand by customers, allowing for a greater integration between the customer and the architect. 3D renders allow customers to pick out what they like and what they don’t like much easier than it would have been done before.


But apart from that, architects also save time by having renderings, not in terms of clients easily being able to point out what they like about the design or what they don’t, it also saves a lot of time compared to traditional drawing. A drawing requires redrawing an entire project in order to capture it at a different angle. This means looking through sometimes hundreds or even thousands of pages, making sure everything is perfect takes time, which also makes an entire designing process more expensive. With 3D rendering, you are like a photographer, you can take a picture from any angle, and you can rotate around the design from any angle. You can add colors and different materials. And rubbing out of any mistakes does not reflect on your project. And you don’t only get to render, you also get to animate, you can show a company how their office will look like for an employee walking in their everyday. This attracts more customers and makes certain decisions easier to explain to customers.


Architecture software eliminates errors that would traditionally be made. You get feedback, and you get details. Humans make mistakes. Using software helps eliminate mistakes.


It also allows for collaboration and public discussion on a large scale, sharing projects is easier. It also allows for pointing out of potential flaws, something which wasn’t really doable under the recent few years. This eliminates mistakes that could have not been seen due to human error.


3D renderings are also easier to be passed on and then understood by developers or home builders. While with drawing, there’s more than one way of getting projects done. With 3D renderings, it’s easier for 3rd parties to understand what different things are made of.. It also allows for less human error if one can see what the final version will look like beforehand.


Developers can use renderings as concept designs, and get support from the public by doing so, and this can also result in clients and further interest from other companies. Develops can this way also offer customers more detailed interiors by showing a wide range of pre-rendered houses with different interiors.


Clients can now see whether what their mind sees their dream home or office the way they described it to others, it can also show what a project will look like when built, eliminating any potential disappointments. It allows for a better relationship.



3D rendering in today’s world also allows for 3D printing of the designs as well as for 3D projection, or commonly called holograms.



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